This is the progress-of-developement page of Darkdrive.

Darkdrive will be a topdown RPG with focus on car driving.
Think of GTA plus Shadowrun ;)

-massive Multiplayer support (1024 players). Self designed fast network code (UDP).
-programmed in Delphi, with Direct3D 8.1 (Jedi DirectXHeaders) (yes it is D3D).
-dynamic Lighting (Object based, custom lighting-> Every Object may emit light in any way)
-support for 1 Million Objects. (without particles).
-HUGE Maps. (current small(in resource terms) map, requires approx. 15minutes to cross)
-smooth animations by using frame interpolation.
-Easy Start with included JoinManager. Manage Servers/Query/Join/start server/start offline...
-Current system requirements: approx. 300Mhz, 16Mb Video, DirectX8.1

The newest Version is always available >>here<< Downloads:
RELEASE is the Version of, so you see if something new is up.

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Heiko Schmitt

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