Nothing about Darkdrive again...
Just made somethin i've always wanted to do:
Some geiss clone ;)
Here is a direct link to the java app
New Image. Screenshot of ImageProcessor


Exactly 2 years and 2 months since last update...
It did not happen much, but there is still some progress:
I am developing a new TextureManager, which uses large textures
which contains many small textures.
This will improve loading/unloading times,
and reduce Texture binding calls.
It is still a lot of work to convert the old images into larger ones...

By the way: Fuck Starforce!
In the game "Brigade E5" it encrypts every single game file!
This makes it impossible to edit some graphic settings/mod/manipulate
the game at all. This is especially severe since the support is nearly dead...
Yesterday I did some Hardrive cleanup, burned data, defrag/format, etc.
When copying back the data,
(You can not defrag a 64KB Cluster NTFS Partition...
You have to remove everything and copy it back...)
I noticed that reading the DVD's I just burned with 8x (11MB/s)
was damn slow. (HD light occasionally blinks, not steady lit as it should be)
The usual culprit for this scenario is PIO Mode instead of DMA Mode of the drive.
But everything was fine with this setting
Today I deinstalled the Starforce drivers, and there was my speed again!
Interestingly it does not affect the burning speed, which was just as usual,
only the reading speed was capped...
If you ever should have this problem, remove the Starforce drivers!
You will see them in your Device Manager under "non-PnP-Devices"
if you enable "View->Show hidden devices"
They will install themselves again, when needed.
Personally I will NOT buy a game again which is protected by Starforce.


Nothing new so far...
Just not having time and ideas to go on
At least one new shot born out of boredom
New Image. Just GFX tests

Enjoy the new Intro and movable Interfaces.
Release 8.9 will contain usable Inventory.
Release 9 will have a new Sound Engine.
As you may have noticed, the Darkdrive logo changed with the Intro too ;)


Intro now with some moving Cloud effects.
New Image. The Intro Look 2

I have inserted a small Intro sequence at startup.
Still subject to change.
New Image. The Intro

The Interface is working now. It is able to use in-game Objects as Menu-Items.
This way it is easy to draw the Inventory of a Player.
Every displayed Menu is movable via Drag and Drop.
The next Release is coming soon... :)
New Image. Interfaces in use

Currently Iam trying to implement the Inventory System.
I hope this will be done soon. Expect a highly playable version!
New Image. Status Bar

Finally I implemented ZLib compression of map/roof/object files.
This shrinks the needed space from nearly 20MB to 75kb :)

This is not a release of DarkDrive, it is a release of a small racing game.
It uses the actual engine of DarkDrive.
Enjoy the first release with the new lighting engine :)

New Image. racing-game

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